60 Watt Junction Box AC/Triac Dimmable Hardwire Power Supply

This 60 watt power supply can be dimmed using most common 120 volt dimmer switches such as Lutron and Leviton (forward-phase/MLV only for the 60 watt version). That’s why we call it “AC dimmable”.  Simply connect the output of the dimmer to the input of the power supply, and connect your LED flexible strip to the 24 volt output. It’s engineered with a filtering circuit to eliminates flickering or strobing and ensure smooth seamless operation..

These power supplies require a hard wired connection to your dimmer switch. Works with most commonly available dimmer switches and meets all safety regulations for use with LED flexible strip.

cETLus electrical safety approved
Compatible with Forward-phase (MLV) dimmers only
24 volt DC output.
Class 2 (current limited)

Specification Sheet

12V DC: 1022-ps-acdim-12v60w
24V DC: 802-ps-acdim-24v60w

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